Tajima no Okome (Koshihikari produced in Tajima)" has been certified as Hyogo Anshin Brand. In addition, Koshihikari from the northern part of Hyogo Prefecture was awarded a special A rating for the third year in a row in the food quality ranking of rice produced in 2009 by the Japan Grain Inspection Association.

Eating Quality Examination Ranking-Blended Koshihikari Rice from various production area as a standard, designate the rice under test that has a better quality compared with this standard as “Special A”

Hyogo Anshin Brand Certification Criteria: Products that meet all of the following three criteria will be certified.
a. "Individuality/Features": The product must have individuality and features such as environmentally friendly production methods and quality. Any of the following (a) through (c) must be confirmed. (a) The product has individuality and features (*1) related to production methods. *1. Efforts and innovations of the producer, such as consideration for the environment, and other production methods (b) Characteristics and features of taste and other qualities (*2) (b) It has characteristics and features related to taste and other qualities (*2) It has characteristics and features related to seasonality, taste components, texture, etc. (c) It has characteristics and features (*3) that are highly trusted by the citizens of the prefecture. (3) Regional characteristics (local specialty), way of eating (cooking method, etc.), history, etc. (b) "Ensuring safety": Compliance with legal standards such as the Food Sanitation Law (*4). The prefectural government conducts inspections at the application and retail stages to confirm that the products are safe. c. "Fostering a sense of security": A system is in place for producers to disclose their production history. The individual characteristics of "Safety Brand" agricultural products are as follows: (a) Only the production method is checked. Chemical fertilizers and pesticides must be reduced by at least 50%, and pesticide residues must be less than one-tenth of the national standard. We will provide maintenance and contract services to support long-term stable operation and management with one-stop services.