Mega solar power generation

TOYO ENERGY FARM CO., LTD. develops solar power plants with a large generating capacity. We can propose variety of facility plans such as an open-air power generation facility utilizing the idle land, solar carport using the parking space, or solar sharing system (solar power generation and farming at the same time on the farmland). We offer you one-stop solution from site selection, designing, application to the relevant institutions and executing contracts using our rich experience in construction, procurement knowhows, designing that are long-established in our experience in TOYO CONSTRUCTION CO., LTD.

Track Record of Mega Solar Power Plants

Fukushima Prefecture

Soma First Plant
(Approximately 2,327Kw) *Increased its capacity by 133kW in December, 2018)

Location: Soma city, Fukushima

Soma Third Plant
(Approximately 1,924kW)

Location: Soma city, Fukushima

Shinchi First Plant
(Approximately 1,829kW)

Location: Soma city, Fukushima

Minamisoma Plant
(Approximately 1,801kW)

Location: Soma city, Fukushima

Haragama Fifth Plant
(Approximately 1,098kW)

Location: Soma city, Fukushima

Haragama Sixth Plant
(Approximately 1,971kW)

Location: Soma city, Fukushima

Nihonmatsu Plant
(Approximately 1,811kW)

Location: Nihonmatsu, Fukushima

Motomiyakita Osawa Plant
(Approximately 1,610kW)

Location: Motomiya city, Fukushima

【Solar Sharing Plants】

Kaminezawa First Plant
(Approximately 2,346kW)

Location: Minami Soma city, Fukushima

Oyagi Second Plant
(Approximately 1,546kW)

Location: Minami Soma city

Kaminezawa Second Plant
(Approximately 2020kW)

Location: Soma city, Fukushima

Oyagi First Plant
(Approximately 1971kW)

Oyagi Third Plant
(Approximately 1305kW)

Location: Minamisoma city, Fukushima

Ibaraki Prefecture

Kita Ibaraki Plant
(Approximately 2487kW)

*Increased its capacity by 252kW in January 2019

Higashi Ibaraki Plant
(Approximately 2043kW)

Location:Higashi Ibaraki gun, Ibaraki

Sakuragawa Plant
(Approximately 1964kW)

Location: Sakuragawa city, Ibaraki

Mito Plant
(Approximately 1919kW)

Location: Mito city, Ibaraki

Saitama Prefecture

Hanyu Plant
(Approximately 350kw)

Location:Hanyu city, Saitama

Chiba Prefecture

Chiba Plant
(Approximately 2,550kW)

*Increased capacity by 2,550kW in January, 2019)

Noda Plant
(Approximately 87kW)

Location: Noda city, Chiba

Yamagata Prefecture

Yonezawa Plant
(Approximately 1,713kW)

Location: Yonezawa city, Yamagata

Fukuoka Prefecture

Kurate Plant
(Approximately 1,817kW)

Location: Kurate gun, Fukuoka


・We also propose solar facilities such as mega solar for idle land regardless of capacity or mega solar facilities that require special high-voltage interconnection or 50kW middle solar power generation facilities that are easy to implement.
・For residential use, we will also carry out a long-term repair plan in consideration of roof waterproofing and the load on the frame.
・We will make plan according to the shape, location, and other various conditions of the land and the characteristics of the area.



・Thorough support for design of the facility, material procurement, construction of the plants, and maintenance
・Obtaining various licenses and permits (Conversion of Agricultural Land, Forest Development, Landscape regulations)



→Periodical check (Establish the maintenance system that can rapidly respond to the emergency)
Inspection engineers takes aerial photographs using drone, and check abnormalities of the solar panel, identify the defected panel using fault-discovery tools.
(Detecting the hotspot by the thermostat camera).

→Provide the facility maintenance system by remote monitoring
-Established maintenance system to respond quickly in case of emergency.


★These processes are complicated for the contractors who do not have certain knowhows.
★Contact us and we will provide you the best solutions from our rich experience in the area. We can reduce the risk for designing, procurement, construction, namely the construction mistakes, surge of the material price. We have a track record of designing, construction and operations of more than 20MW capacities of solar power plants.